Travel South Italy and Islands with Silvestro

Wherever you go Southern Italy, even by yourself, you値l find the same warmth and courtesy from its people.
Yet, like always happens when traveling abroad, you may have some difficulties to access and to fully appreciate all that the region can offer

As a native of Puglia and loving connoisseur of Sicily and Sardinia, I will drive you and your favorite chef through all the most genuine aspects of the region, so you can feel like a local, visiting my family and friends and seeing places that tourists normally do not find. Not the usual tourist itinerary, but a rich quality journey and an experience "inside" Puglia, Sicily and Sardinia.

We値l stay at small, modernized, cozy resorts that once were farms. Our amazing food and wine journey will also give you the opportunity to taste local meals in a neighbor痴 house, cooked by my friends and family. You値l also make your own orecchiette pasta and your own bread if you like.

We値l visit farms where mozzarella, cheeses and ricotta are still made the same way they have been made for hundreds of years. We値l visit ceramic laboratories where you can even make your own pottery or order it made according to your own design.

We値l visit small traditional wineries that make the best Primitivo, Nero d但vola and Cannonau you can drink. Always at a relaxing pace, yes, you池e on a discovery mission, yet it is still and primarily vacation.
The size of the group will not exceed 15 people.

I can guarantee such a special experience, as I was born and raised in Puglia, and I致e lived in Italy for 55 years. My family and many of my friends still live there, and I go visit frequently. I also owned a house on the island of Pantelleria, Sicily and have many good friends scattered in Sardinia.

When I travel abroad I always try to rely on locals (friends, colleagues, references) to better understand and enjoy what I see. I値l be that friend for you. I have extensive experience guiding groups on trips abroad, so I understand your needs and expectations. I値l do everything to anticipate and to fulfill them.

Besides, I love Puglia, my region, as well as Sicily and Sardinia, and I look forward to sharing that with people who can appreciate all the values these blessed lands can offer.